Hey there!!

I’m so glad you are wanting to know a little more about me, the girl behind Daymark Studios! I’m Lauren, the one in the middle up top, although my parents like to call me Ellie! I grew up in a small city in New York on the shores of Lake Ontario. My city was known for our beautiful sunsets as well as our record-breaking snowfall measurements (about 12 feet this year!!). I lived in central Indiana for 5 years while pursuing a degree in Photography from Indiana Wesleyan University. And I have officially relocated to the Seattle, WA area as of April 2018. I am beyond blessed for where this journey has taken me so far. I have now photographed weddings in 7 states, explored Sydney, Australia, realized I also have a passion for food photography so I baked, styled and published my own simple dessert guide, and have met so many wonderful people!

I have some big plans for 2020 and I am so excited you are thinking about joining me on this new adventure! Let's talk soon!

xoxo, Lauren



Lover of:

Authenticity | Joy | Vibrant Living | Family | Laughter | Coffee | Road Trips | Mountains | Plants |Sunsets| Bodies of Water You Can't See Across 


What does "Daymark" mean and why did I choose to incorporate it in my business name?



Definition: A daymark or a day marker is the daytime identifier (attached signboard) of an aid to navigation (ATON) or daybeacon. Generally, the daymark conveys to the mariner during daylight hours the same significance as does the aid's light or reflector at night.





Growing up in a small harbor city, I always had a fascination with our lighthouse- as did almost everyone who grew up there. If I had to count all the photos I have taken of it, it would be in the hundreds, but each new photo more precious than the last. The West Pierhead Lighthouse is a landmark of Oswego, NY and it was a getaway place for me. It was my symbol of strength, direction & peace. I always made sure to make it home before dusk so I could catch a glimpse of it’s silhouette against the vibrant colors of the sunset. Including the word "Daymark" in my business name brings me back to the West Pierhead at home. It’s a reminder of where I’ve been and where I'm going. The place where I dreamed & felt safe. It’s my guiding light to keep me on course - excited for what's to come, but always reminding me that this journey I’m on started 2,800 miles away in a small harbor city on Lake Ontario.